Re: Labels for Iso Contour in Case of VolumeData

Hi Eugen,

It would be a tall order to add this to the system
utself, especially given the demands on the time of
programmers at SSEC and Unidata. However, you could
accomplish something like this by printing the
iso-level in a Swing label in the same frame with
your DisplayImpl. Or you may even put the iso-level
in a Real object that you add to the Display, mapped
to Text and possibly with screen location given by
ConstantMaps or other Reals combined in a RealTuple
with the iso-level Real.

Good luck,

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, STAAB, Eugen wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using Visad to render Volume Data. One option for the user is to see the
> Iso surface of a certain temperature (as shown in example 4.13 of the
> VisAD-tutorial).
> Is it possible to add a label with the exact temperature ontop of or besides
> the Iso surface?

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