Re: Cuboid

Hi Eugen,

is there any possibility in VisAD to visualize a cuboid (e.g. width=10,
height=10, length=20) ?
But in a way the length-axis is not compressed to form finally a cube.

If you want to make the length axis appear twice as long as the width and height (to match the 10 x 10 x 20), take a look at Test57 in the examples. You probably want something like:

DisplayImpl display = new DisplayImplJ3D("display");
ProjectionControl pc = display.getProjectionControl();
pc.setAspect(new double[] {1, 1, 2});
pc.setAspectCartesian(new double[] {1, 1, 2});

Whether you use setAspect vs setAspectCartesian depends on the exact effect you are looking for. For example, setAspect will stretch the scalebars, but setAspectCartesian will not.


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