Re: Muting the colors of a color table

Hi Don,

You could pull the RGB colors out of your ColorControl
or ColorAlphaControl, pass them through the fromReference()
method of an HSVCoordinateSystem (transforms RGB to HSV),
decrease the saturation of each color, then pass them back
through the toReference() method of the HSVCoordinateSystem
and put the resulting RGB values back into your Color*Control.

You can run 'java HSVDisplay' in the visad/examples directory
to get a feel for HSV color coordinates.

You'll have to experiment to determine whether decreasing
saturation gives the desired result, or one of the methods
that Curtis suggested.

Good luck,

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, Don Murray wrote:

> We have various displays where we map data to RGB or RGBA.
> One of the users asked if we could tone down the saturation
> of a particular background topography image so that data
> overlain on top stands out more.
> Not knowing anything about color, I tried adding in a
> ConstantMap of .5 to Saturation, but that had no effect.
> I though of using transparency, but that is going to be
> order dependent so isn't really a solution.
> For a given color pallete, what's the best way to "mute"
> or "tone down" the colors?

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