Porblems with off screen rendering of contour lines....

Hi all, 

I am trying to print out an DisplayImplJ3D image by
doing the following steps:
1. I create an new off screen DisplayImplJ3D
2. I clone the ScalarMaps from the original visible
display and add it to the "offscreenDisplay"
3. I add the DataReferenceImpl from the original
visible display to the offscreenDisplay.

Everything seems to work. Except when I do the next
step of actually printing out the image. The .jpg file
is empty!

This only happens with contour lines. I am able to
print surfaces but not contours. 

Can anyone help? I am at a complete loss. 

There are times that I seem to be hanging on the
statement :
java.awt.image.BufferedImage buffImage
I don't know why that happens. 

I will settle for being able to see the contours in my
output files from the offscreenDisplay. 


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