Re: The random colour changing bug

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Bill Hibbard wrote:

> Yes, I think Curtis's observation that it occurs with
> ConstantMaps but not with ScalarMaps to RGB may be a key
> to finding a work-around. There must be some difference
> between the GeometryArray or Appearance produced for
> these two cases. I dug into this a bit but didn't find
> the difference. I recall that you had some folks at BOM
> who could dig into this Java3D level of stuff. Please
> keep us informed and we will try to advise.

I just had an inspiration that perhaps the difference may
be that the GeometryArray has no colors array with the
ConstantMaps, but alas it does have a colors array and its
the same length as with the ScalarMaps to RGB (12 in both
cases, which is 4 vertices times 3 for R, G & B but no
alpha). However, I still think the key to finding a work-
around is finding the difference between these two cases
of Curtis's modification of your test program.


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