Re: Lat/Lon to Polar: Revisited


Bill Hibbard wrote:

If you are just looking at one radar at a time, then you
can either do your original suggestion, with ScalarMaps
of Radius to Radius and Azimuth to Longitude. Or you can
use just one Radar2DCoordinateSystem to the
(Latitude, Longitude) reference RealTuple, with ScalarMaps
of Latitude and Longitude to YAxis and XAxis.

I would suggest going the latter route rather than changing
your data.  You could use a display side coordinate system
as described recently on this list to create the map projection
that covers the radar area and will give you a local
stereographic projection for each radar.  If you use a
CachingCoordinateSystem to wrap your Radar2DCS, you can
cut down on some of the transformations if that is your

You could use the IDV classes for a map display and radar
projections outright, or as a guide.

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