Re: PickManiplulationRenderer Not Working

Hi Kevin,

I've considered two other ways to approach this:

1) Create an array of DataReferenceImpl's that do pretty much the same thing (redraw the radial when moved - like the AnchoredPoint method) and space them so that the user should (almost) always have one visible no matter how they manipulate (pan/zoom) the display.

2) Somehow change the endpoint location of the DataReferenceImpl to always be in the viewable area. The difficult part of this is to move the DataReferenceImpl down the existing radial (along and toward the origin).

Another option is to do manual picking. It takes more code than a direct manipulation renderer, but you have more control. (And in your case, it may be less code than dealing with N direct manipulation renderers distributed along the line.) I have posted an example called on my VisAD examples page at that demonstrates this. It allows you to pick anywhere along the radial line using the right mouse button as you describe.


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