Re: PickManiplulationRenderer Not Working

Bill Hibbard wrote:

What exactly do you want it to do?

For my application, I want the user to be able to rotate a line. I have long been using Curtis Rueden's "AnchoredPoint" method to do this, however, if my user zooms in, or translates the display to where the DataReferenceImpl/Cell is no longer visible, then they can no longer rotate the line (unless they reset the display). So I am trying to make it so the user can click anywhere on the line to rotate it. I saw that you can directly manipulate a FlatField (Test40) and was hoping to do that with the line. However, in Test 40, you really only manipulate one of the RealTuples in the FlatField (if that's the right way to thik about it) and the line is no longer straight.

In my example, ( FlatField: (radius)->(longitude) ) I was hoping to obtain the longitude that was being selected and changed and set the rest of the range values of my FlatField to that same longitude making the line rotate. I first tried this with just the Dir.Manip.Rend. and the DisplayRenderer.getDirectAxisValue(), but it seemed to throw the CellImpl.doAction() method into an infinite loop.

I've considered two other ways to approach this:

1) Create an array of DataReferenceImpl's that do pretty much the same thing (redraw the radial when moved - like the AnchoredPoint method) and space them so that the user should (almost) always have one visible no matter how they manipulate (pan/zoom) the display.

2) Somehow change the endpoint location of the DataReferenceImpl to always be in the viewable area. The difficult part of this is to move the DataReferenceImpl down the existing radial (along and toward the origin).

I imagine that I can kludge something together to get the behavior I'm looking for, but was hoping to find a more elegant way. ;-)



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