Re: PickManiplulationRenderer Not Working

Hi Kevin,

> Sorry to disturb your weekend.  I cannot seem to get a
> PickManiplulationRenderer to allow direct manipulation of my FlatField,
> however, if I use a DirectManipulationRenderer it works fine.
> Please see the attached code.  In the line:
>     display.addReferences( pmr, dataRef );
> if you change "pmr" to "dmr" the direct manipulation behaves normaly,
> but when using "pmr" it does not.  I thought that since
> PickManiplulationRenderer extended DirectManipulationRenderer, that it
> should behave the same way.  It this correct?  Is there something wrong
> in my code?

I ran your code and it works as I'd expect with
either pmr or dmr. The pmr does not enable you
to actually change Field values - it just triggers
a Data change to trigger any Cells - hence its
name 'Pick'. With dmr I can change Field values,
so if that's what you want use dmr. If you only
want to pick then use pmr.

Good luck,

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