Re: Ambiant Light going off on animation


Bill Hibbard wrote:

Hi Laurent,

The AmbientLight is constructed in the DisplayRenderer
and added as a child of the root BranchGroup of the
scene graph. There is no code in VisAD to delete or
modify the AmbientLight. It is possible for appliation
code to call the getRoot() method to get a reference
to the root, then to delete or modify the AmbientLight.
I confess that I did a call to getRoot(), as I was experimenting with adding other Java3D object types to the display. What I found annoying is that the light only changed after clicked on the display. So the problem must be with my code.

Thanks for the answer.



I sincerely doubt that your code or Ugo's does this, so
this may be some weird behavior of Java3D in Applets.
I can't see any connection to mouse clicks. If you can
come up with any more evidence about what is going on,
I will look into it.


On Fri, 2 Sep 2005, Laurent BEIGBEDER wrote:

I have a strange problem on my 3D applet: After a few animation step,
ambiant lights are disabled.

Does anyone had this problem too and know how to resolve it?

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