Re: JApplet and VisAD

Hi Geoff,

I don't know much about running VisAD in Applets, but
there is a bit about it on the FAQ at:

Note there is a VisAD package visad.browser that compiles
under JDK 1.1 for use in browsers, as described in:

As this says, visad/examples/ provides an

Perhaps someone else can provide better help.

Good luck,

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Geoff Freeman wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a visad program as a JApplet successfully runnig when viewed via
> appletviewer. However when I tried it in a browser page it only partially
> worked.
> The menu stuff worked OK but the Display with all the good stuff did
> not appear. The message says the applet has started.
> Adding the display.getComponent() to the contentPane seems OK for the
> appletviewer but not when used in the browser. I have tried this in init() and
> start().
> Is there a simple thing I have missed here or am I trying to do something
> which is not expected to work?
> All suggestions will be tried.
> Thanks
> Geoff Freeman
> --
> Bureau of Meteorology
> Phone (03) 9669 4827

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