Re: Export display as eps

I also intend to export visad figures as eps-graphics. I haven't done so with visad yet, but with other graphical java-packages.

There is a nice eps-graphics package available at . which is a Graphics2D implementation for eps-files. It will only work with the Java2D implementation of visad.

I haven't dived into visad to give the solution, but the general idea is to print the visad-java2d-canvas (whatever the 2D component is?) to the epsgraphics:

    public String epsString(VisadCanvas2D vc2d, Dimension dimension) {
        EpsGraphics2D g = new EpsGraphics2D();
        vc2d.draw(g,dimension,null, null);
        return g.toString();

Just an idea, please let me know if it works,


Felix Schüller wrote:
Hi there,

i'm looking around for software to do my visualization. I came across
visad and like it so far!
Just one question:

How can i export the display as an eps-gaphic? I already found the thread in the archive, but that discussion was is
2002. Is there something new available?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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