Re: String sets

Hi Santi,

>  I have seen that it's possible to use Strings at the range of a function, 
> but I don't know how we can use strings at the domain using a sets. Imagine 
> that you have the temperature for countries and years, so the function is 
> (country, year) --> (temperature), the country is a string field and I would 
> like that the name of the country appears in one of the Cartesian axis. It is 
> possible to create a domain of this kind? How can I do that?

First, can you please set your emailer to split your
messages into short lines?

Interesting suggestion, and an idea that I toyed with
a bit during the design of VisAD. But it didn't fit
well with the idea that Fields are finite samplings of
Functions, and caused other problems. Just put the
Strings in the Function range, and use a numerical
index as the domain (with an Integer1DSet domain). You
can probably use a ScalarMap to Text to plot String
values along an axis, perhaps with some axis location
values included in the Function range.

Good luck,

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