Re: ProductSets

Hi Bill,

Two questions about this:

If i want to represent a surface is the same?

If the values of the domain are fixed values, can I add these values to a Linear3DSet?

Many thanks,


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VisAD volume rendering only works if the domain Set of your
Field is a Linear3DSet. Perhaps that's the problem.


On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, S Santos wrote:

Hi Curtis,

I've done what you say and the result isn't what I expected. See the
attached image.



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> Hi Santiago,
> To visualize data as a volume, you must map the three domain types to
> XAxis, YAxis and ZAxis. Mapping a range type (in your case, > Temperature)
> to a spatial axis will not work. If you map Time to ZAxis instead, you
> should see a volume, although I do not know if it is the volume you > want
> (your MathType does not contain any sort of depth or height type, which
> would normally be mapped to ZAxis).
> Also, be aware that volume rendering works best when the spatial
> resolution is equal across all three axes. In your case, the fact that > you > have only 10 time points but 100 x 100 for lat/lon will result in a > less > solid-looking volume. You can address this issue by resampling your > data
> to 100x100x100 (upsampling Time to 100), but of course this solution
> requires a lot of memory.
> -Curtis
> S Santos wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  I'm trying to represent data from a file. The estructure of that file
>> is:
>>  - Longitude: 100 float values
>>     - Latitude: 100 float values
>>     - Time: 10 float values
>>  These three are the domain
>>  -Temperature: 10*100*100 float values
>>  These values are the range
>>  The function to represent all this is:
>>  (Time,Longitude,Latitude)->(Temperature)
>>  When I represent the data (XAxis-> Longitude, YAxis-> Latitude and
>> ZAxis->Temperature) I obtain the graph of ProductSet.jpg
>>  What I want to represent is something like desired.gif
>>  What I'm doing bad?
>>  Many Thanks,
>>  Santiago.

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