Re: ProductSets

Hi Santiago,

To visualize data as a volume, you must map the three domain types to XAxis, YAxis and ZAxis. Mapping a range type (in your case, Temperature) to a spatial axis will not work. If you map Time to ZAxis instead, you should see a volume, although I do not know if it is the volume you want (your MathType does not contain any sort of depth or height type, which would normally be mapped to ZAxis).

Also, be aware that volume rendering works best when the spatial resolution is equal across all three axes. In your case, the fact that you have only 10 time points but 100 x 100 for lat/lon will result in a less solid-looking volume. You can address this issue by resampling your data to 100x100x100 (upsampling Time to 100), but of course this solution requires a lot of memory.


S Santos wrote:

Hi all,
I'm trying to represent data from a file. The estructure of that file is: - Longitude: 100 float values
    - Latitude: 100 float values
    - Time: 10 float values
These three are the domain -Temperature: 10*100*100 float values These values are the range The function to represent all this is: (Time,Longitude,Latitude)->(Temperature) When I represent the data (XAxis-> Longitude, YAxis-> Latitude and ZAxis->Temperature) I obtain the graph of ProductSet.jpg What I want to represent is something like desired.gif What I'm doing bad? Many Thanks, Santiago.