Re: VisAD Component "weight"

Hi Bruce,

Java2D display components extend JPanel, so theoretically they should be lightweight. It should be easy enough to test in your application.

I am not sure to what extent Java2D display rendering efficiency can be improved--Bill or TomR might have a better idea. But I am fairly certain it would be a significant undertaking to do so.

Is it really worth it just to have an MDI application? MDI is not that useful, in my opinion. My VisBio application based on VisAD instead uses several windows which are tied together through a window manager class (e.g., when the main window is minimized, child windows are hidden, etc.). Java has pretty good window event notification, so it should be possible to keep child windows from getting "lost" without too much hassle.


Bruce Flynn wrote:

Does the same restriction hold for the 2D display? I originally switched to using the 3D display because it rendered the graphs much quicker than the 2D. Might it be possible to optimize the rendering of the 2D display?

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