Dean Vucinic's reponse to how you know each other

  • To: "VisAD mailing list" <visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Dean Vucinic's reponse to how you know each other
  • From: Plaxo Customer Care on behalf of Dean Vucinic <dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 23 Mar 2005 09:18:02 -0000
<html> <head> <title>Plaxo Alert</title> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type 
content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <link rel=stylesheet 
href=""; type="text/css"> </head> 
<body marginwidth=10 marginheight=10 topmargin=10 leftmargin=10> <table 
width=600 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><tr><td width=20 
background="";></td><td align=left 
width=560 background="";> <table 
width=560 border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr><td align=left width=280><a 
href=""; target=_blank><img 
src=""; alt=Plaxo width=60 
height=35 border=0></a></td><td align=right width=280></td></table> </td><td 
width=20 background="";></td><tr 
height=30><td width=20 height=30 
background=""/><td width=560 
height=30/><td width=20 height=30 
background=""/><tr><td width=20 
background=""/><td width=560> <p 
class=body_small_black><b></b></p>  <p class=body_small_black>VisAD,</p> <div 
class=body_small_black>You asked Dean Vucinic to explain how you knew each 
other and sent the following message:</div> <div class=body_small_black 
style="margin-left: 20px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px"><i>Please remind 
me who you are and how you know me. Thanks!<BR>
Were you the guy from that club last week?   Thanks a lot! You gave me 
crabs!</i></div> <div class=body_small_black>  Dean has reviewed your request 
and wishes to withdraw the request for your updated contact 
information.</div><br> <p class=body_small_black ?>Dean Vucinic has been asked 
to remove your contact information. If you would like to block future Plaxo 
e-mails from Dean Vucinic, please <a 
 here to opt-out</a>. Otherwise, you can simply ignore this message.</p> <p 
class=body_small_black>Plaxo is working to ensure our network is used ethically 
and according to our <a href="";>Terms of 
Service</a>.</p> <p class=body_small_black>Thank you,<br>Plaxo Customer 
Care</p>  </td><td width=20 
background=""/><tr height=20><td 
width=20 height=20 background=""/><td 
width=560 height=20/><td width=20 height=20 
background=""/><tr><td width=20 
src=""; alt="" width=20 height=15 
border=0></td><td bgcolor=#fafafa width=560/><td width=20 
src=""; alt="" width=20 height=15 
border=0></td><tr><td width=20 
background=""/><td bgcolor=#fafafa 
width=560 class=body_small_black><font color=#969696> This Alert was sent by 
Plaxo on behalf of &lt;dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;. </font></td><td width=20 
background=""/><tr><td width=20 
background=""/><td align=left 
bgcolor=#fafafa width=560><img src=""; 
alt="" width=26 height=32 border=0><span class=body_small_black><font 
color=#969696 style="position:relative;top:-6px"><b>Plaxo respect

s your privacy - </b><a href=""; 
target=_blank>learn more</a></font></span></td><td width=20 
background=""/><tr height=15><td 
width=20 height=15 background="";><img 
src=""; alt="" width=20 height=15 
border=0></td><td width=560 height=15 
background=""/><td width=20 
height=15 background="";><img 
src=""; alt="" width=20 height=15 
border=0></td></table>  </body> </html>

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