Update to the VisAD library

The VisAD library as been updated. New JAR files are available at the customary location. Here's a list of changes since the last update (which was on 21 Feb 2005):

2005-03-04 14:51  tomw

        * data/mcidas/AreaAdapter.java: Get the number of bands from the
          AreaDirectory instead of from the size of the bands[] array.
          Turns out McIDAS ADDE servers will say "there are 5 bands" but
          then populate the band-map with 6 because of the POES data that
          switches bands during their orbit.

2005-03-02 13:18  curtis

        * DisplayEvent.java: Update javadoc to reflect that getInputEvent
          and getModifiers are valid for KEY events as well as MOUSE
          events; add getKeyCode convenience method for obtaining the key
          code of a pressed or released key (KEY type events).

2005-02-25 14:22  donm

        * CoordinateSystem.java: found a bug in the IDV with not copying
          units, back out of changes for now

2005-02-25 10:04  donm

        * CoordinateSystem.java: pass in false for calls to Unit.toThis and
          Unit.transformUnits to not create new arrays.  Tom ran through
          all the VisAD tests and my testing in the IDV does not show any

2005-02-25 08:13  billh

        * RealType.java: add commented-out debug prints

2005-02-24 11:02  donm

        * BaseUnit.java, DerivedUnit.java, OffsetUnit.java,
          ScaledUnit.java, Unit.java: add methods for transformUnits,
          toThis, toThat that take a copy flag to reduce memory usage

2005-02-23 15:29  jeffmc

        * Gridded2DDoubleSet.java, Gridded3DDoubleSet.java: Move extra
          array allocations out of the loop

2005-02-23 15:25  jeffmc

        * GriddedSet.java: Make one of the static create methods public

2005-02-23 15:21  jeffmc

        * Gridded2DSet.java: Move extra array allocations out of the test

2005-02-23 15:20  jeffmc

        * Gridded3DSet.java: Move some array allocations out of loops

2005-02-23 14:23  donm

        * EarthVectorType.java, FlatField.java, GridVectorType.java,
          CachingCoordinateSystem.java: use less memory in
          FlatField.resample, add a toString method to CachingCS.

2005-03-04 14:58  rink

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/AreaDirectory.java: count band_mask num bits for

Tom Whittaker (tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
Phone/VoiceMail: 608.262.2759

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