Re: Java3D shapes to visad shapes?

> > The only problem I can imagine that might cause incorrect vertex connections
> > is that "GeometryArray sphere_geom" might not be a TriangleArray
> On Sun's side it's a, I'm not sure how that
> changes things or if they "unstrip" in the accessors for the vertices and
> normals.  I did try feeding the vertices and normals into a visad triangle
> strip array but in that case nothing showed up in the plot at all.

That should have worked, since DisplayImplJ3D.makeGeometry()
can successfully convert a VisADTriangleStripArray into a
TriangleStripArray. In addition to copying the vertices and
normals, did you also copy the colors (if they are non-null)
and especially the stripVertexCounts?

Good luck,

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