Update of VisAD code

The VisAD code has been updated. It is available from the ftp site. Here is a summary of changes since the last update in December, 2004:


2005-02-15 12:42  curtis

        * data/: MetadataReader.java, bio/MetamorphForm.java,
          bio/ZeissForm.java, tiff/BitBuffer.java, tiff/ByteVector.java,
          tiff/LegacyBitBuffer.java, tiff/LegacyTiffForm.java,
          tiff/LegacyTiffTools.java, tiff/TiffForm.java,
          tiff/TiffRational.java, tiff/TiffTools.java: Rewrote TiffForm
          from scratch to work without needing 3rd party libraries (ImageJ
          or JAI). The new standalone TIFF form supports reading
          uncompressed and LZW-compressed data in "chunky" planar
          configuration (the most common configuration).

          The new implementation is fairly efficient, unlike the old code,
          which broke down for TIFF files containing large numbers of

          Old TIFF functionality has been moved to LegacyTiffForm.  If the
          new TiffForm fails due to an unsupported file format
          characteristic, it automatically calls the LegacyTiffForm, to
          ensure that all previously supported TIFF files still work.

          Zeiss and Metamorph are TIFF variants, and still rely upon
          LegacyTiffTools and LegacyBitBuffer. (My eventual goal is to
          migrate Zeiss and Metamorph to take advantage of the new

          Lastly, TiffForm.save just delegates to LegacyTiffForm.save for
          now, but I eventually plan to implement TiffForm.save to
          eliminate the need for 3rd party libraries when saving in TIFF

2005-02-02 18:26  curtis

        * data/tiff/TiffForm.java: Eliminate wasteful code in open(String,
          int). Unfortunately, this code is still fundamentally, terribly
          inefficient. Expect more improvements in the coming weeks.

2005-02-02 17:59  curtis

        * data/bio/BioRadForm.java: Flip image Linear2DSet upside down to
          prevent images from being displayed upside-down by default (this
          brings the Bio-Rad form's behavior in line with the behavior of
          the other forms in visad.data.bio).

2005-02-01 10:30  donm

        * data/vis5d/V5DStruct.java: fix a bug where the filename was not
          working on Mac OS-X.  I think the problem is that OS-X allows
          null characters in filenames.

2005-01-24 16:07  rink

        * Gridded3DDoubleSet.java: add consistency test boolean to

2005-01-24 16:06  rink

        * Gridded3DSet.java: fix bad initialization of grid orientation
          flag in contructor

2005-01-13 11:06  donm

        * data/units/: ParseException.java, SimpleCharStream.java,
          Token.java, TokenMgrError.java, UnitParser.java, UnitParser.jj,
          UnitParserConstants.java, UnitParserTokenManager.java: fix a
          problem where the time spec "3hours since 2004-08-13T18:00:00Z"
          would not parse correctly.  Changes were to UnitParser.jj, but
          after running javacc, all these others get created and are

2005-01-13 10:55  rink

        * VisADTriangleStripArray.java: if earlycoord(s)=null, just
          initialize to empty: Bill's code from adjustSeam.


2005-02-21 13:15  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/AddeURLConnection.java: Make gzip
          compression on port 112 the default.  Previously, the default was
          no compression on port 500.  ADDE server code for using gzip+112
          was distributed to sites over 2 years ago, and versions of
          McIDAS-X since 2004 now only use this.

2005-02-17 11:02  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/MSGTnav.java: Remove debug statement.

2005-02-17 10:55  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/AddeURLConnection.java: Look for the server
          being (local) and force the mode to NO_COMPRESS, since
          the server doesn't compress anyways when talking to a 'local'
          client.  Cannot catch Exception from GZIPInputStream since by
          then the bytes are "gone".

2005-02-08 12:16  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/AddeURLConnection.java: Fix Javadoc for
          "type" parameter on image "linele".

2005-01-12 06:54  donm

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/: AddeGridReader.java,
          AddeURLConnection.java: update javadoc to show all keywords for
          grid reading

2005-01-05 14:23  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/AddeSatBands.java: Make this work with both
          the old and new format of SATBANDS file.  Further extensions of
          this would include picking up the new WL (wavelength) and WN
          (wave number) values for potentially other uses.


2005-01-13 14:36  donm

        * netcdf/RandomAccessFile.java: update to the latest

Tom Whittaker (tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
Phone/VoiceMail: 608.262.2759

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