map projection display questions

Yippee, so I have finally had some success adapting the
visad/examples/ code.  I still don't understand
all of it, but oh well.

I defined my own GRIBCoordinateSystem, for a 150 cols x 126 rows grid I
have and an associated LambertConformalProjection.  works great.  The grid
is over the NE Pacific Ocean, and covers some US/Canada land, and is the
output of an MM5 weather model run here.

So then I added, via the jmet.BaseMapAdapter, the OUTLUSAM map file (from
the idv auxdata set).  This gives me nice coastlines and US state lines,

BUT, I'd like the display to be 'clipped' at the 'box' boundary.  I can
see that the 'box' corresponds to the 'defaultMapArea' as returned by the
GRIB, and this is the whole grid of course (0,0,150,126).

So my question is, can the display be 'clipped' to the box?  I noted the
Display.SelectRange scalar map target from the tutorial, but this seems to
want me to set ranges for lat and lon, which are tricky.  I'd like to set
ranges on the grid values since these are known and constant, e.g 0-150
and 0-126.  Can this be done??

Any help very gratefully appreciated.

Stuart Maclean

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