Re: resampling irregular sets

Hi Ugo,

This operation is implemented, and should work.  There can
be problems sometimes with precision and coincident data
points.  If your willing to post a small program or the data to
the list we can take a look.


Ugo Taddei wrote:


there I go again on the subject of irregular sets...

Is it possible to do something like

FlatField bigField = ...// large field with Irregular2DSet as domain set

Set smallSet = ...small irregular 2D set

FlatField smallField = (FlatField)bigField.resample( smallSet, Data.WEIGHTED_AVERAGE, Data.NO_ERRORS);

Before I had a Linear2DSet as my smallSet, and it worked fine (but "slow"). It is now returning "missing". The fields do (partially) overlap, however. I expected at least some values to return NaNs.

I'm not sure if the mistake is somewhere else or if this is not possible/implemented.

Thanks for the help,


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