Re: AddeGridReader - reducing grid resloution

Hi Mey-

M.Manickam@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all:

I think, I found a way around - by appending a key word "skip=2" ( for skipping every other row/col) to the query string.

For your request, the correct syntax should be:

adde:// V&lat=-30.0 30.0&lon=70.0 170.0&frange=0 180000 60000&num=ALL&debug=TRUE&skip=2 2

The subsect= keyword is ignored for the URL.  Subsecting is done
using a combination of the lat/lon or row/col and skip keywords.
AddeURLConnection then creates the appropriate subsect string
for the ADDE protocol from these.

I've updated the javadocs for AddeGridReader and AddeURLConnection
so show all the keywords for grid reading.  They should be
available at:

the day after tomorrow, when they get updated.   In the mean time,
here is the updated list of keywords for AddeGridReader:

   group=<groupname>         ADDE group name
   descr=<descriptor>        ADDE descriptor name
   param=<param list>        parameter code list
   time=<model run time>     time in hhmmss format
   day=<model run day>       day in ccyyddd format
   lev=<level list>          list of requested levels (value or SFC, MSL
                               or TRO)
   ftime=<forecast time>     valid time (hhmmss format) (use with fday)
   fday=<forecast day>       forecast day (ccyyddd)
   fhour=<forecast hours>    forecast hours (offset from model run time)
                                (hhmmss format)
   lat=<min lat> <max lat>   latitude bounding box (needs lon specified)
   lon=<min lon> <max lon>   longitude bounding box (needs lat specified)
   row=<min row> <max row>   row bounding box (needs col specified)
   col=<min col> <max col>   column bounding box (needs row specified)
   skip=<row> <col>          skip factors for rows and columns (def = 1 1)
   gpro=<pro>                grid projection (e.g. TANC)
   src=<s1> ... <s2>         list of grid sources (ETA, AVN, etc)
   drange=<btime> <etime> <inc>  range of primary days
                                 that the grid represents (cannot use with
   frange=<btime> <etime> <inc>  range of forecast times
                                 that the grid represents (cannot use with
                                 fhour=, fday= or ftime=)
   trange=<btime> <etime> <inc>  range of primary times
that the grid represents (cannot use with time=)
   num=<max>                 maximum number of grids (nn) to return (def=1)

Thanks for pointing out this ommission.

Don Murray
Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        P.O. Box 3000
(303) 497-8628                              Boulder, CO 80307
"There's someone in my head, but it's not me"    Roger Waters

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