Re: visad 2-d successfully installed,

Hi Victor,

You can find Blackdown's Java3D port for Linux at:

Run this installer from within your Java installation directory. Afterward, Java3D-related JAR files will automatically be detected by Java; that is, you should not have to add anything to your CLASSPATH if you are using "javac" and "java" for development. (If you need the Java3D-related JAR files for "jikes" or other third-party software, they are: $JAVAHOME/jre/lib/ext/j3daudio.jar:$JAVAHOME/jre/lib/ext/j3dcore.jar:$JAVAHOME/jre/lib/ext/j3dutils.jar:$JAVAHOME/jre/lib/ext/vecmath.jar -- where $JAVAHOME is where you installed the JDK, usually something like /opt/java or /usr/local/java).

If you are using Linux with the default shell (bash), don't use setenv, use export. For example:
   export CLASSPATH=/opt/visad.jar

You can test whether Java3D is installed correctly and your CLASSPATH is set properly by attempting to run the VisAD SpreadSheet:

If you want to run the VisAD examples, you will need to get them from:

You will need to extract this JAR file to its own directory:
   jar xvf visad_examples.jar

And you will need to include the current directory (".") in your CLASSPATH, because the examples are packageless:
   export CLASSPATH=/opt/visad.jar:.

You should then be able to run the examples:
   cd visad/examples
   java DisplayTest

Let us know if you are still having trouble.


Victor Shum wrote:

Dear Visad users,
Thanks for Bill and Tom's advising, I've successfully
used the correct visad.jar and installed correctly
(tested by running the java

Now I came across the problem of getting java3d to
run. I have done setenv CLASSPATH

and have run java3d-sdk-1.3.1-linux-i386.bin under
/opt/jdk1.5.0_01 successfully for it to generate
java3d-utils-src.jar in that directory.
However, when I ran java HelloUniverse under the
/opt/jdk1.5.0_01/demo/java3d dir  I got a noclasdef
error .
I read the README for the java3d and gathered I need
the xfree86 software (right?)

I downloaded the Xinstall.bin from:

and ran that but I got the error telling me to
download extract and the rest of the Xfnt.bin etc.
I'll do that but I'd also like to ask the visad
community why that should be required to run java3d or
is that bogus?



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