Re: though I can definitely see the classes under javax/media/j3d

  • To: Victor Shum <vshum12@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: though I can definitely see the classes under javax/media/j3d
  • From: Tom Whittaker <tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 15:59:09 -0600

Thanks for your clarification Tom. I tried deleting everything else except
/opt/visad-in-a-box and sourced it and did make
compile again. Still I got the errors. Think I should clarify on what I'm doing: I have three directories:
1. /opt/visad-in-a-box which contains the .jar and the
extracted class files (without javax, I don't know

javax is part of the Java distribution and not part of VisAD.

unless you are changing the visad library you do not need to
extract the contents of the visad.jar file -- just put the jar file

2. /usr/local/java3d-1_3_2-build4-linux-i586/ under
which I can see java3d media and javax class files;

I have access to a Unix machine that has a proper installation, and the Java3D JAR files (j3dutils.jar, j3dcore.jar, j3daudio.jar) are in the:


directory...where "/opt/java" contains directories like bin, lib, jre, man, etc. In this configuration, the "/opt/java/bin" directory is also in the PATH.

Since I don't use Linux, I cannot give you further details, but this (Solaris) directory tree looks exactly like my Windows something looks wrong with your Java install.

I don't understand what you mean by you can "see the javax class files" -- they are contained in the rt.jar file that is there when you install Java and should not be changed....???

3. /usr/local/src/visad under which I have my source
visad files and also under which I ran the make
compile for compilation.
In my CLASSPATH before I got your msg I put in all the
path links of 1. and 2. for compiling in 3.
I guess I may have to copy over the subdirs in 1. and
2. under the root of 3. ??

You should not have to move any of the Java install files.

You do not have to move the visad.jar file (or the "tree" if you want to use the extracted class files), just be sure they are in your CLASSPATH.

Many Thanks!


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