VisAD library update

The VisAD library has been updated on the ftp server. Here is a summary of the changes since 11/29/2004:

2004-12-23 11:53  tomw

        * data/text/ oops...missed Don's change to

2004-12-23 10:41  tomw

        * data/text/ Update to TextAdapter to fix problem
          with "Time" parameter not being handled correctly.  Also, read
          all values as doubles now and let FlatField store as floats if
          the rangeset so indicates (use the rangeset as the getDefaultSet
          unless that is null, then use FloatSet...except for "Time" - use
          DoubleSet).  Also, fix problem Don found with not correctly
          over-riding units.

2004-12-22 16:19  rink

        * java3d/ use reflection for
          Canvas3D.queryProperties (compatability with Java 1.2)

2004-12-17 14:24  rink

          bom/ Split image texture into
          multiple smaller textures if the 'textureWidthMax' is exceeded.
          No logic has been changed in the case of image size within this
          limit, so the only difference to users is that they have a much
          better chance of getting a picture if the grey-box was a frequent
          problem.  Note: this doesn't apply to volume renderering and
          likely won't anytime soon.

2004-12-17 14:14  rink

        * small bug: a work array wasn't
          initialized in adjustLongitude

2004-12-17 14:07  rink

        *, java3d/,
          java3d/, java2d/ add
          new method 'getTextureWidthMax' which is queried from the Canvas
          in later versions of Java3D, in earlier versions this limit is
          not available and a message to that effect is emitted along with
          instructions on setting the limit via -DtextureWidthMax='user
          supplied limit'.

2004-12-17 13:43  rink

        * data/hdfeos/ check in the one that

2004-12-16 10:33  tomw

        * data/text/ Fix problem with units parsing, since
          some parsing does allow blanks...and some not...

2004-12-16 09:56  donm

        * data/mcidas/ modify the last change so it
          doesn't throw a NullPointerException.

2004-12-16 08:15  donm

        * data/mcidas/ Add a new ctor which takes a
          boolean for whether or not to use aliases to maintain McIDAS
          names.  Default is true, so behavior doesn't change

2004-12-14 09:42  tomw

        * data/text/: README.text,, example3.txt: Allow
          for double-quote mark delimited strings for both "Line 2" and the
          "data" portion.  In the case of (Text) variables that do not
          contain blank (spaces), also allow the variant of not quoting the
          value (see example3).

2004-12-10 11:37  donm

        * implement changes to toString() to remove Z when
          user sets the TimeZone.

Tom Whittaker (tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
Phone/VoiceMail: 608.262.2759

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