Re: Oh where did my MouseEvents go?

Hi Bruce,

You can access many of the MouseEvents by adding a
visad.DisplayListener to your DisplayImplJ3D. See
visad.DisplayEvent for a list of event types.

Good luck,

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Bruce Flynn wrote:

> I am trying to intercept MouseEvents from a JFrame containing a VisAD
> graph by registering a MouseListener on the glass pane.  The problem is
> that I can't seem to get the glass pane to intercept the events with a
> VisAD graph in the frame.  It does however work with other components.
> After doing some investigating, using the example P2_01 code provided
> by Ugo Taddei, it seems to only seems to malfunction with the
> DisplayImplJ3D, which is what I'm using.  I can get the MouseEvents by
> adding the below code, but not when I change the display to
> DisplayImplJ3D.
>      jframe.getGlassPane().addMouseListener( new MouseAdapter(){
>          public void mouseClicked( MouseEvent evt ){
>              System.out.println("MOUSE CLICKED");
>          }
>      });
>      jframe.getGlassPane().setVisible(true);
> Any idea how to get MouseEvents using DisplayImplJ3D?
> I included both sources with containing the 3D display
> Thanks
> Bruce

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