Re: Example of 2D surface animation

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Adityarajsingh Santokhee wrote:

> > You can see temps moving on a constant surface if you use
> > the same values for "z" in all time steps. You can reuse
> > the same float[] array of "z" values in the range float[][]
> > for each time step.
> I have in fact kept the "z" values constant. What I wanted to say is that the
> lat-lon surface is actually moving along the longitude axis with each
> timestep.

This was the subject of our exchnage last week, when I suggested
that the statement:

  float[][] set_samples = domain_set.getSamples( false );

might be the problem. The set_samples array was not referenced
anywhere else in the code you sent, but the copy = false argument
makes this suspiscious in case you write any values into the
set_samples array. Did you look into this? I recommend replacing
"false" with "true" in this statement - that may fix it.

Good luck,

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