Re: Example of 2D surface animation

> Are there any animation examples out there which show how temperature
> of the surface changes over time ?

The simplest example would use a FieldImpl with MathType:

  (time -> ((x, y) -> (z, temp)))

and ScalarMaps:

  time -> Animation
  x -> XAxis
  y -> YAxis
  z -> ZAxis
  temp -> RGB

You can do something like this by running
and importing the file (available at, then edit
its mappings to:

  Time -> Animation
  x -> XAxis
  y -> YAxis
  val -> ZAxis
  val -> RGB

The visad/aune/ example distributed with the
system does something a bit more complex, but animates but
animates by dynamically evolving a 2-D fuild state. Note running requires compiling some native C and Fortran.

Good luck,

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