Re: Updated VisAD JAR files

Hi Tom,

I've used the following command to give a list of files changed since a specific tag. You could do a similar thing for cvs log, but you would need to filter the output to get rid of some of the bloat.

(the following is from our twiki)

cvs diff --brief -rv3-0 | grep Index

Will give you all the files that have changed since tagged release "v3-0". It will also output the names of files that have been removed from the repository and files that are new for this release. Very handy.

Tom Whittaker wrote:

I have updated the visad JAR files (classes, source and examples) on the ftp site with the current changes (as of 20 UTC today).


p.s. If anyone knows of an easy way to get a listing of all the cvs log entries for what's changed in a repository since a given date, please let me know...that way I can list them here...

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