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  • From: Bill Hibbard [mailto:billh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
  • Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:14:49 -0800
1) we're hopefully not doing anything but using their default behaviors,
assuming that using the PickManipulationRendererJ3D doesn't invalid
"standard" mouse behaviors and events specific to each button remain as
they should???
2) we're just using SelectRangeWidget functionality.  

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brushing) problems ...

Hi Don,

> We're putting together an application where we're creating multiple
2D/3D scatterplot views of the same data using all the usual widgets,
which works fine.  The next hurdle is adding picking so that the user
can see a complete listing of all data associated with the picked
object.  We've following the "cookbook" from one of your examples, and
on the surface things appear to work.  The problem is that after using
the right mouse button for picking, which works correctly, subsequent
mouse events using other buttons are hosed, e.g., the left mouse now
brings up the 3D cursor, and when released causes a doAction() to be
fired.  All this of course means that the usual left mouse button
fuctionality is lost.

Are you calling MouseHelper.setFunctionMap()?
Or MouseHelper.setEnableCombos()? Or are you
using a custom extension of MouseBehavior?
These are the only way I know to modify mouse
button behaviors. If you've found a bug, we've
never seen this sort of thing before (which
doesn't mean its impossible).

> One other thing that we've noticed is that after brushing one of the
data fields to exclude specific data values, we still see some of the
excluded points appearing in the display, or at least the values for
them returned when they are picked by a getValues() call says that
they're there...

How are you excluding points? By actually
constructing new Fields with those points
removed? Or merely by SelectRangeWidgets?


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