Re: plotting two data set on the same display

Johnson, I can't think of an exmaple that does this (it may
just be my memory failing), but its easy enough to do.
Construct two FlatFields with MathType (x -> y), assuming
y is a function of x [otherwise you may need to construct
FlatFields with MathType (index -> (x, y)) or two Sets with
MathType Set(x, y)]. Then link both to the same DisplayImpl
by constructing DataReferences for each which are passed to
two calls to display.addReference(). The DisplayImpl would
have ScalarMaps x -> XAxis and y -> YAxis.

Good luck,
p.s., This is even easier in Python.

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, johnson abraham wrote:

> Hi,
> Iam trying to plot two different datasets of same x values but different
> y values
> on the same display on a frame. Is there any example which can explain
> how to do it.
> please help me
> Thank you
> cheers,
> Johnson Abraham

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