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Hello listeners,

I'm not sure if this will help, but here we go:

The java.awt.headless property (since JDK 1.4.2) can perhaps be used. I quote:

Q: "...I find that when I run my application on Solaris or Linux it needs an Xserver.(...)"

A: "There are two possible solutions. For releases prior to 1.4 you can provide a "pseudo X-server" to emulate a display environment One of these X-server emulators is Xvfb, available for download at

The preferred solution for release 1.4 and later is to use the new headless AWT toolkit <>. This new feature allows you to use the J2SE API in a server-side Java application without requiring you to have a GUI environment.

To specify the headless environment when using Sun Microsystem's reference implementation, run your application with this property:



Never did this with VisAD, but it might work. Well, it's a nice thing to know anyway.



Valliappa Lakshmanan wrote:

If I create a JFrame and make it visible, then the off-screen
render works, i.e. if I add these two lines before the getImage(true) call:
   new javax.swing.JFrame().setVisible(true);
then, the program runs to completion.

Does VisAD *require* a visible component
in order to do an off-screen render?


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