Re: Problem with off-screen render

Hi Lak,

> If I create a JFrame and make it visible, then the off-screen
> render works, i.e. if I add these two lines before the getImage(true) call:
>     new javax.swing.JFrame().setVisible(true);
> then, the program runs to completion.
> Does VisAD *require* a visible component
> in order to do an off-screen render?

Well, VisAD uses the recommended Java3D way to
capture images off-screen, so it would be Java3D
that requires or does not require. It looks like
you are working from the main() method in, which works and is our way
of testing off screen image capture in Java3D.
However, it does construct a JFrame and make it
visible, as a place to show the captured image.

This might be a question for the Java3D mailing
list. But I can add that we've seen a lot of
strange behavior from Java3D image capture over
the years.

Good luck,

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