Re: circular domain and color scale for Visad 3D display

Hi Charlie,

> Can the color scale be visualized as a color scale bar in a similar
> way as that in
> Matlab?

To do this, we sometimes create a long thin image with
a wedge of values from the the low to the high end of
the setRange() of RealType values mapped to RGB, and
locate this image data object near the edge of the

Good luck,

> > > The 2nd problem: Can we use the SAME color scale for several Visad 3D
> > > displays? (It seems Visad always uses red for the highest altitude and
> > > blue for the lowest altitude for the current display, so any display's
> > > color ranges from red to blue.)
> >
> > Yeah, you can explicitly set the color scale by calling
> > setRange() on the ScalarMaps to RGB. To make displays
> > have the same color scale, pass the same range to setRange()
> > for the ScalarMaps to RGB in each display.

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