Re: How to get all metadata

Hi Radovan,

Whether particular metadata from a FITS file is available
via VisAD depends on whether the open() method of reads the data into values in
the visad.DataImpl object that open() returns. If FitsForm
does not read some data that you need access to, then you'll
need to read the FITS file directly (possibly using the
classes in the nom.tam.fits package that is distributed with
VisAD). You might even create your own custom extension of for reading FITS files into visad.DataImpl
objects. Similar comments apply to any file format.

Good luck,

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Radovan Stas wrote:

> Hi
> Sorry for newbie question, but i dont know how to get all metada from data
> objects. I want to get metadata from for example FITS files -  TELESCOP,
> I am able to get data from *SScell.
> Please send me a simple example of how to list all metadata from data objects.
>                       Radovan Stas
>                       radoone at szm dot sk

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