Re: 3D hexahedral mesh

Hi Thomas,

Gridded3DSets locate values at vertices, rather than over
whole grid cells. The fancy way to do what you want would
be to create a new Set subclass and a new DataRenderer
subclass - and that would be a lot of work. An easier way
to hack it would be to render your hexhedral grid cells
explicity, by creating a UnionSet of Gridded3DSets of
manifold dimension = 2, with each Gridded3DSet as the face
of a hexhedron. If you have a very large number of
hexhedra this will be slow.

Sorry we don't have a better answer.

Good luck, Bill

On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 Thomas.Poulet@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm totally new to VisAD and I've got a few basic questions. I've been
> playing with some examples of  Ugo's (great!) tutorial just to see if
> VisAD would suit our purposes and I'd like to know a bit more how a
> structured hexahedral meshes could look like.
> I started from the example 4.08 to visualize some rgb value in 3D and
> replaced the Linear3Dset by a Gridded3DSet, but now I see my rgb values
> as points instead of the whole voxel being coloured (like it was for the
> Linear3DSet). Could anyone tell me how to visualize one value per
> hexahedron with the whole hexahedron coloured?
> Thanks
> Thomas.

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