Re: Simple examples of using a SSCell collaborative

  • To: Radovan Stas <radoone@xxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: Simple examples of using a SSCell collaborative
  • From: Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 11:38:52 -0500
Hi Radovan,

On the server side, you construct a RemoteServerImpl object,
then add your BasicSSCell (or FancySSCell) objects to that server:

// initialize remote server - see lines 1097-1141
RemoteServerImpl rsi = new RemoteServerImpl();
Naming.rebind("///" + server, rsi);

// add spreadsheet cells to remote server
BasicSSCell cell = ...;

The only tricky part is that you either have to be running the
rmiregistry server already, or start it yourself in the Java code
using the call:


On the client side, you locate the remote server, then construct
your BasicSSCells (or FancySSCells) using that server as an
argument, so that they will be cloned cells:

// get remote server - see line 684
RemoteServer rs = (RemoteServer) Naming.lookup("//" + clone);

// construct cloned cells (linked to cells on remote server)
BasicSSCell cell1 = new BasicSSCell("cell1", rs);

I suggest checking out the Javadocs for FancySSCell, BasicSSCell
and perhaps SpreadSheet if you have not already. The VisAD
Javadocs can be found online at:

Good luck,

At 07:54 PM 8/2/2004, Radovan Stas wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am realy new to visad and i hope somebody can help me.
> I am using a FancySSCell in my aplication. I would make aplication 
>collaborative. I read  a Collaborative VisAD applications. tutorial but I see 
>a *SScell have function to get collaborative.
>I need  simple examples of using  a*SSCell  metods  to make   
>remote server and remote client.
>Radovan Stas (RadOOne)

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