Re: Weird problem with interpolation

Hi Tennessee,

Thanks for your detailed analysis of this problem. A
candidate fix is at:

Please let me know whether this fixes your problem.

FYI, the candidate fix is in the valueToInterp() method:

  public void valueToInterp(float[][] value, int[][] indices,
    float[][] weights) throws VisADException
    int len = weights.length;
    double[][] w = new double[len][];
    doubleToInterp(Set.floatToDouble(value), indices, w);
    for (int i=0; i<len; i++) {
      weights[i] = new float[w[i].length];
      System.arraycopy(w[i], 0, weights[i], 0, w[i].length);

p.s., As I send this it looks like Richard Virenque is going
to win today's (Bastille Day) Tour de France stage.

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