Re: GridCoordinateSystem

Hi Tom-

Tom Rink wrote:

It looks like this is exactly what EmpericalCS was built for.  I
would consider using an IdentityCoordinateSystem for the (lon, lats),
an EmpiricalCoordinateSystem for s_sho -> altitude and finally
a CartesianProductCoordinateSystem of the two.  I think this would
be more efficient.  I guess you'd need one of these for each time step.

I'm testing an EmpricalCS and that seems to do what I want
(mostly).  I can't seem to create an isosurface though.

I'm using an EmpiricalCS of Gridded3DSet to Gridded3DSet.
Since th s_rho coordinate length is only 20 and it really
varies at every point (so is dependent on lon, lat), I don't
think I could have something with an EmpiricalCS of 20:19200.

Since it's not really emperical, I thought the GridCS should
work though.

Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        P.O. Box 3000
(303) 497-8628                              Boulder, CO 80307
"There's someone in my head, but it's not me"    Roger Waters

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