RE: Irregular3DSet Appearance , dedicated contour widget

Hi Dean,

> Please could you explain how the resample to GriddedSet can be done.

I assume your Irregular3DSet is the domain Set of a Field.
Construct a Gridded3DSet that covers the samples of the
Irregular3DSet, and pass the Gridded3DSet to the resample()
method of the Field. This will return a new Field with values
resampled to the sample location of the Gridded3DSet. You
should be able to draw color filled contours of this new
resampled Field.

> I would also like to show Edge topology displayed on the Irregular
> quadrilateral grid but the 1D manifold is not implemented on IrregularGrid
> and making it with the Gridded3DSet is not straight forward as I just have a
> chain of edges (snake like).

To do this, get the Delan variable of your Irregular3DSet
(it is declared 'public Delaunay Delan' in IrregularSet,
the super-class of Irregular3DSet). The 'public int[][] Tri'
array in Delan is dimensioned [ntris][dim + 1] and gives you
a list of the tetrahedra (assuming manifold dimension = 3)
in your Irregular3DSet, given as the indices of 4 vertices
in the samples array of your Irregular3DSet. The six edges
for each tetrahedron are the six possible pairs of distinct
vertices. To draw all the edges, loop over all tetrahedra
in the Tri array, and loop over the six edges of each
tetrahedron. If your Irregular3DSet has manifold dimension
= 2, then Tri will list triangles with 3 vertices each, and
3 edges each.

Good luck,

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