Re: IDV in HTML pages

Bernard Mendiburu /Loni-UCLA/ wrote:

Hi Bernard,
FYI - In the future you can direct IDV questions to: support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm trying to make some pages demontrating IDV.
Why must we use the IDV browser to open html pages with IDV views ?
I've seen visAD-based viewers embeded in classic html pages in i.e. and/or mozilla.

I assume what you have seen is a visad based applet running inside the browser.
We have not pursued implementing the IDV as an applet.

The HTML capability within the IDV provides special tags and special form handling
for building user interfaces using html.

BTW, I'm playing with
and I've seen a strange but :
The last view of the page is allways doubled.
Each time you remove the last example, the previous one see its display doubled. Any clue ?

My guess is that the view tag has a closing /view tag. The parsing within Java and/or
our use of it is in need of some refinement. For now, try just the view tag:
<view ....>


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