Re: Default scenegraph node capabilities?

Hi Tom,

Good question. There are ALLOW_*_READ capabilities set all
over the visad.java3d and packages, but apparently
we missed some. If you can tell me where we missed them, I'll
be happy to change the VisAD source to add them. I'm hoping
that your attempt to read the scene graph can tell you where
the ALLOW_*_READ capabilities are missing.

The only way I know of to extract an isosurface is to call
getBranch() on the DataRenderer (really a method of
RendererJ3D, which is a subclass of DataRenderer) and find
the Geometry from that. Clearly you may need your
ALLOW_*_READ problem solved for this to work.


On Tue, 25 May 2004, Tom Kunicki wrote:

> Hello,
> I have some code that can take an existing J3D scenegraph and produce a
> VRML scene.  This code doesn't work with VisAD (unmodified source)
> created scenegraphs because the ALLOW_*_READ capabilities of constituent
> nodes aren't set.  I haven't been able to find a method of doing this
> w/o modifying the VisAD source.  Is there a reason these capabilities
> aren't set by default?  Would it be possible to set the ALLOW_*_READ
> capabilities by default or to modify the VisAD API in order allowing one
> to specify a different set of default capabilities?
> Thanks much,
> Tom

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