Re: status messages in display window

Hi Curtis,

> I'm interested in displaying custom messages in one of the corners of a VisAD 
> display. I have determined several ways to do this, but I'm wondering what 
> the most efficient way is.
> In particular, it would be nice to be able to update the message without 
> triggering a TRANSFORM_DONE event, since my messages will change when 
> TRANSFORM_DONE events are received. Of course, I could work around this with 
> boolean flags, but would prefer a cleaner approach if one exists.
> One way I've found to display custom messages near the "Please wait . . ." 
> indicator is to use (abuse?) the exception printing facility. Source code is 
> below.
> Anyone know of a better/faster/shorter/cleaner way to do this?

Your way looks pretty good, so if it works I'd go with it.
Another way may be to use the J3DGraphics2D that you get
from a call to the getGraphics2D() method of the VisADCanvasJ3D.


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