RE: Irregular3DSet Appearance attributes control

Hi Dean,

It is best to CC questions to visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, so others
can help answer them.

> Thank you for the explanation, which I will try to follow.
> What I understood is that the "Java 3D attributes" which control different
> graphics representations are modified through the ConstantMap functionality.
> The next question is:
> If there is an interactive dialog-box controlling the values of this
> attributes, and we input modified the values of these attributes, what is
> the best way to refresh the graphics objects within that display.
> For example, you would not like to redraw all the 1 mil. Polygons, when the
> interactive modification was only affecting 10% of the polygons, for which
> the graphics representation was modified.

To change a ConstantMap attached to a DataReference, you
need to remove it with removeReference() then make a new
call to addReference() with the changed ConstantMap.

Good luck,

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