Re: Irregular3DSet Appearance attributes control

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your precise answer, but what I did not succeed to find is the
POLYGON_FILL feature defined through ConstantMap.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Best regards, Dean.

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Hi Dean,

> Please could you tell me how it is possible to modify locally the
> attributes (line thickness, fill polygon/wireframe, ...)  of an
> Irregular3DSet surface, if I have several of these surfaces displayed
> one DisplayImpl window.

You can do this by including a ConstantMap[] array as an
argument to the addReference() or addReferences() call
that links an Irregular3DSet to the DisplayImpl, and
using ConstantMaps to the DisplayRealTypes declared in
visad.Display (see the JavaDoc for static DisplayRealTypes
marked 'ConstantMap only'). You can find LineStyle values
in the JavaDoc for visad.GraphicsModeControl.

Good luck,

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