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Hi Ian,

In order to display multiple isosurfaces of the same
Field, you need to make multiple Fields with the same
values but with different range RealTypes (each mapped
to IsoSurface with different iso-levels). This does
not necessarily mean the data need to be copied, as
multiple FlatFields may share the same range values if
they are passed to setSamples() with copy = false.

Multiple transparent isosurfaces is not, IMHO, very
effective visually, especially given the problems with
transparency and sort order of rendering. Volume
rendering can give you a similar effect without the
transparency and sort-order problems.

Good luck,

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Ian Barrodale wrote:

> Hi All:
> We have a 3D volume data set which we'd like to visualize as a set of
> transparent colored isosurfaces simultaneously rendered into a single
> view.  For example, if our data was temperatures in a volume above a city,
> we'd like to see a blue isosurface for 10C, a cyan isosurface for 15C, a
> green isosurface for 20C, an orange isosurface for 25C, and a red
> isosurface for 30C. The mental image is a field of colored soap bubbles.
> Can we use VisAD to do such a visualization, or even more attractive, will
> the spreadsheet or other tools do this without additional programming?
> Thanks,
> Ian
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