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An example of this using the IDV (because it allows me to do it quickly using VisAD) is at:

using windspeed from the latest RUC initialization: 20mps is cyan, 30mps is yellow, and 35mpg is red. I set the transparancy of each color to 80%.


Ian Barrodale wrote:

Hi All:

We have a 3D volume data set which we'd like to visualize as a set of transparent colored isosurfaces simultaneously rendered into a single view. For example, if our data was temperatures in a volume above a city, we'd like to see a blue isosurface for 10C, a cyan isosurface for 15C, a green isosurface for 20C, an orange isosurface for 25C, and a red isosurface for 30C. The mental image is a field of colored soap bubbles.

Can we use VisAD to do such a visualization, or even more attractive, will the spreadsheet or other tools do this without additional programming?


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