Re: FrontDrawer

>       Firstly, thank you very much for your reply.
> > > I would like to ask, using VisAD, is there any method, to draw
> > > symbols like TC, High, or Low, on the image? Like those shown on
> > > the weather map, Thanks. I've tried to use Display.Shape, but I
> > > fail to do so.
> >
> > Shape will work for this, and you can find examples in the
> > and programs in visad/examples.
>       Yes, I have tried these examples, but I found that, say, the cross in 
> the example, I've to specify the 4 coordinate of the cross. In my 
> application, say, I want to draw a TC symbol (which I know how to get it from 
> the on a particular 2D Field, say, at position (10, 50). 
> What I should do to draw it at there? I do not know how to specify the 
> coordinate of where the symbol I should put.

You need to come up with your own coordinates for whatever
shape you want to draw. If the shape is a text font, then
you can use a ScalarMap to Text, or call the render_label()
or render_font() methods in visad/

> > > I would also like to know who to use VisAD to draw cold front, etc?
> > > I find that the API have FrontDrawer, but I don't know how to use it.
> > > Are there any sample codes on that? Thank you.
> >
> > The main() method in gives an example.
>       I've run the java FrontDrawer, and I don't know how it is used. I can 
> not draw any front on that.

Draw with the right mouse button held down.

Good luck,

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