Re: Changing the visibility of DataReferences?

  • To: Harry Hochheiser <hsh@xxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: Changing the visibility of DataReferences?
  • From: Luke Matthews <l.matthews@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 09:09:55 +1100
Hi Harry,

We have a similar situation and have the following solutions.

1) Keep the DataRenderer that pass to display.addReferences(). When you want to turn the visibility on or off, call renderer.toggle(boolean);

2) There is no method in displayImpl to add multiple references at once if you want to be able to inidividually turn references on or off. For each reference that you want to be able to toggle, you will need a seperate call to DisplayImpl.addReferences.

A tactic that we use to spped up the adding multiple references is to call display.disableAction() at the start of when we want to do some bulk manipulation of the display and display.enableAction() when you have finished.

Hope this helps,

Luke Matthews.

PS: Adding and removing references can be the solution if you have memory problems and toggling does not occur too often.

Luke Matthews
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia.
l.matthews AT

Harry Hochheiser wrote:

I have a VisAD scene with a significant number (> 400) of DataReferenceImpl objects. Based on user interactions, i'd like to selectively toggle the visibility of individual items in this set. Currently, I'm doing this by calling display.removeReference() when I want to make a reference invisible, and addReference() when I want it to reappear.

This works fine, but it is a bit slow, particularly when - as is often the case - i want to adjust the visibility of multiple DataReferenceImpls all at once.

So, two questions:

1) is this the appropriate way to adjust the visibility of DataReferenceImpl objects? if not, what is?

2) is there any way to do a bulk adding/removing of references?



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